Marin Software (MRIN) Plummets By 27% And Losing 27% Of Revenues This Year: Is It A Speculative Move To Invest Now?

Marin Software stock has been slumping this past week. On July 13 the stock has surged from $14.76 to 17.64 per share, which marked a 19.5% jump in the market. After that rise the stock has been slowly declining towards the price of just $9.97 per share, marking a 27% decrease as of the last session. But why is Marin Software Stock having such ups and downs?
The company’s first-quarter results didn’t provide much in the way of surprises. However, they did show a 27% decline in revenue, also the company lost around $2.212 million of income. The only news that could have affected the company’s stock so dramatically was when Instacart Ads added their software to their platform. This could have caused the company to raise its revenue forecasts.

As of March 31, the company had $145.67 million in cash and restricted cash, along with $540,000 in long-term debt. The company is not showing any positivity for the long-term of its stock. The most advanced investor would not buy this stock amid its recent disappointing activity, it’s all a speculative move right now for this specific stock.

Richard McEntire

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