MARS4 Launches A Contest: You Have A Chance To Win $35.000

Mars4 is an ecosystem that allows users to play in the Metaverse of Mars, a 3D map of which was created based on data provided by NASA. The main currency in the Metaverse is MARS4, which amounts to 4 billion. While each costs $ 0.058 and the trading volume is $ 646,589. Although the price was 7% higher in the morning, in other words it was $ 0.062 with a volume of trade of $ 958,200. Moreover, this platform was based on the blockchain, so holders can receive income through the NFT, for the creation of which a unique opportunity has now been presented.

Mars4 Explodes on MISO LaunchpadMars4 announces the Martians888 Art Contest for those interested, especially talented artists, who would like to make themselves known in the virtual world. It will run until the end of November. You need to create Martian avatars in the Sketchar, which will subsequently be made as NFT. Sketchar is an app for artists who sell their work on this platform. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it has all the necessary tools to develop drawing skills. Entrant creations will be judged by the Sketchar community and a jury from Mars4. If your artwork is selected by them, you will receive a cash prize of $ 35,000.