Marston’s (MARS.L) Shares : What to Know Before Investing ?

Today, the company’s shares fell by 2.39% to 6.54 GBP. Since the beginning of this year, the share price was 2.10 GBP. After that, the stock price remained stable for three months with minor changes. Starting from last month, the shares began to grow and on June 16, the share price was 7.49 GBP. By the end of the month, the indicators fell slightly to 6.25 GBP. The operation of the last six months seems terrible. Compared with the same period last year, revenue fell from 343 million pounds to 55 million pounds, while the basic bottom line fell from 7.6 million pounds to 105.9 million pounds. However, it must be noted that these results are from October 2020 to April 2021. Given that the blockade restrictions in the United Kingdom did not start until March 2020, the comparison between these figures and a year ago (October 2020 to April 2020) is meaningless in eyes.

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The extension of the blockade restrictions by the United Kingdom for 4 weeks will of course not help. But it seems that the source of this weak performance is almost entirely driven by the pandemic rather than any potential problems with the business. And because of the relatively rapid progress in the introduction of vaccines, the interference caused by the pandemic is ultimately a short-term problem. So, assuming Marston can weather the rest of the storm, we think its share price can continue to rise and grow in the long run.

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