MATIC And TRX Are Considered As The First Coins Which Will Benefit From The Rise Of BTC

Just recently, it was announced that during the last 24 hours the main crypto increased by more than 2.5% and reached $50,000. Currently, Bitcoin is recovering after the non-beneficial September, when its price sharply lowered at the beginning and the end of the month.

Additionally, not only the price is growing, but the market capitalization also rapidly gains. It is expected that after some time the capitalization of Bitcoin will exceed trillion as it was in the first half of the year.

Other cryptocurrencies which are among the top 10 are continuously growing. It was implied that when the bitcoin will be able to reach about $55,000- $57,000 such coins as MATIC and TRX will be the first coins that will start to grow in the long term period. Today, MATRIX made a statement where it is clearly showing that it is happy for the rise of Bitcoin and implying that the growth of BTC will have a great effect on MATIC.