Matrix 4 Teaser Trailer Reveals Neo Is Struggling To Get Out From Seventh Simulated World, Cypheroids Detected?

Finally, a legit teaser trailer for Matrix 4: Resurrections has bombed the whole internet with enigmatic flashy frames containing Easter eggs for hardcore Matrix universe fans. From the third Matrix Revolutions’ film, Neo’s body was obtained by Deus Ex-Machina after he saved the both real world and Matrix the simulated one. Amazingly, 22 years passed since the first Matrix installment and the film has stood up as a cult following Cyberpunk gem.

In one and half minute teaser trailer, every devoted fan might understand what is going on with Neo’s life inside the new seventh simulation. Just like in the first movie, Neo is trapped and wants to get out. However, here Neo’s (Keanu Reeves) age is above forty’s, little older than young one in 1999 film. Since, mainframe computer of machine city what is called as a source inside comic books, it obviously resets the mind of red pill people (liberated) once they have been acquired willingly or forcefully. If you played Matrix Online video game, oracle had refused to give up Neo’s dead body to Morpheus since new enemies detected within human race as called Cypheroids who follow the Cypher’s lead to destroy both machines and red pills in order to maintain the dominion of humanity. Now, in the trailer clearly shown that the hostile enemy is coming from the portal mirror with pistol to shoot Neo or Morpheus.

The enigmatic trailer reveals Neo’s issues with his mind in which he has some fragments of his past life in sixth simulation. Absolutely, new Matrix system prefers to hold and influence his mind through psychological tricks. Blue pills also shown in the trailer to make Neo forget about his flashbacks. Anyhow, he will find out about his true identity right after his past girlfriend Trinity shows up and persuades him according to Hollywood reporter.

New sentinel agent within the Matrix also spotted while beating Neo with combo body punches. Those agents exist to keep the order in simulation from distorters and red pills who got liberated from unreal trap. Probably, former ship captain Morpheus who guided Neo to open the door of his fate might be replaced by another black American actor. From dedicated wiki websites, fanbase are sometimes overly theorizing or exaggerating the true plot for this Matrix 4 movie. Wait patiently for 2 days for full trailer reveal to enjoy another Cyberpunk universe soon.