MDJM Price Doubles In Premarket Despite No News

MDJM, formerly known as MDJLEAD LTD., is engaged in providing all kinds of real estate services to developers, real estate design agencies, and urban development companies. In addition, it provides training and tourism development services. A new low of the MDJH stock price has been fixed every day since November. At the moment, the lowest price is $1.40, which was fixed on January 28th. Over the past week, the worth has dropped 17.6% to $1.68. However, in pre-market, it soared 118% to $3.66. 

The latest news that the company announced was a mid-autumn report for the first half of 2021. According to the earnings record, revenue was $2.71 million, which was no different from 2020 revenue. And the net loss was $230,000, $100,000 more than a year earlier. Thus, MDJM hasn’t reported any news over the past 4 months, so there’s no information that would affect the price. However, there’s a possibility that the growth is caused by massive investor buying of the stock during its 52-week low of $1.4. That price seemed like a good buying opportunity for investors.