Medtronic (MDT) Stock Drops 4.43%: When Will It Hit $130?

Medtronic’s chart for the last week shows that the stock experienced a volatility patch. The total loss is equal to 1.44%. On October 15, it reached the mark of $128.08 and after the breakout, the value declined to the price level of $121.25. Recently, the company released an Integrated Performance Report regarding the fiscal year 2021. The main topics such as access and innovation, patient safety and product quality and inclusion, diversity, and equity were covered during the session.

First of all, by FY25, 20% of the revenue will come from new methods of treatment and innovative inventory, which will increase the accessibility of the company in public use. Secondly, the company will solve the problem of complaints by increasing the quality of goods and services. Finally, the company will try to increase the diversity in the team. It plans to have at least 45% of positions held by females and 30% of the team will be held by ethnic minority groups.