Meet Knightscope Under Ticker Symbol KSCP

We are pleased to inform you all that Knightscope, Inc. has finally publicly entered NASDAQ after a long time. The company announced its plans last year. This time it happened differently: the company on its official website allowed its investors to purchase shares before listing. Knightscope sold 2.23M units for 22.3M dollars. As a result, on January 27 of this year, the company entered the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol KSCP. On its first day, KSCP crashes. The stock ended the first trading session below its original price of $10. But today the shares are rising by 21.83% and now they are worth $7.2.


Knightscope, Inc. helps law enforcement, healthcare professionals, and retail customers. It sells Autonomous Systems and Robotics (ASR) of its own production. William Li and Stacy Stephens founded this company in 2013 after they caught a shootout at Sandy Hook Elementary School. They were motivated to start a company that could prevent, detect, report, and save lives. With the help of the company’s technologies, law enforcement agencies can easily detect suspicious actions.