Meet The New ZAMZAM Token On CoinMarketCap

ZAMZAM token is an Ethereum project that aims to replicate the infinite springs of water found in Mecca. ZAMZAM is a revolutionary digital currency that aims to achieve the balanced distribution of wealth in the world. The ZAMZAM token is an open-source blockchain network that enables anyone to support a project or person around the world. ZAMZAM is unique because it doesn’t have Islamic bank structures. Instead, it has been appointed by Shaikh Dr. Nitham Yaquby, who was previously the head of Bloomberg’s “gatekeeper” of the $2 trillion Islamic financial markets. He is also on over 40 advisory boards.


ZAMZAM has obtained immense grip and has built an organic community of around 15,000 members within 3 weeks of its listing on the WhiteBIT exchange. During its first day of trading, it smashed the record of WhiteBIT’s new token. The token is currently exploring applying for the Central Bank of Bahrain’s Regulatory Sandbox program, which would allow it to be the first regulated token in the region. ZAMZAM is building a portal that enables people to connect with people and projects in a transparent way, without any fees.