MEG Energy (MEG.TO) Stock Plummets By 19% In Five Days: Is It A Good Sing?

Graphs for over five days have changed enormously. On July 14, the share price was at Can$8.93 and, for some reason, has decreased incessantly until July 19 by 18%. Since yesterday the stock has been restored, but with fluctuation moving to Can$7.69. The average volume of the company is 2,190,768.Смотреть исходное изображениеMEG Energy Corp is a Canadian oil production company that operates primarily in the oil sands of Northern Alberta. A visionary company uses gravity drainage using steam to extract oil from deep wells that it is drilling. The excess heat and electricity generated by this process are then sold to the Alberta power grid.

The company’s considerable proven resources and advanced technologies make MEG a promising company for investors who want to develop promising oil sands in Alberta. MEG transports and promotes Thermal Oil (AWB) to customers throughout North America and foreign. MEG’s general stock is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol ” MEG. “

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor

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