MEMEX (OEE.V) is Near Its Historic Peak: What to Expect Next?

In the last week company has released financial and operational highlights, according to the stats, MEMEX achieved its best revenue throughout the last 5 years. In the 2nd quarter, it received $878 thousand CA versus $654 thousand CA in the year-ago quarter (34% rise), thus the stock has been raised to $0.042 CA from $0.024 CA in the few weeks.

MEMEX (OEE.V) is Near Its Historic Peak: What to Expect Next?

Today company has $1,27 million CA residue as compared to only $941,42 thousand CA at the beginning of this year. Financial results are pointing, that in this year company could possibly reach the highest profit, by realizing two significant projects (the company itself working in the computer-scientific sphere).

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Important to notice, that company is working in a post-pandemic situation without any governmental help, therefore they developing useful tools. Considering that the pandemic situation is getting better day by day, the company’s stocks could possibly increase in geometrical progression.

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