METAALLBI Crypto Blasts 650% Off in a Day While Utilizing Metaverse ALL Best ICO Transactions

Utility tokens have been trending as the NFT market sees no boundaries in expansion. A platform where people make their own coins, games, NFTs, Defi, and many other activities, ALLBI is facing its own METAALLBI token skyrocketing just after a launch in Coinmarketcap.Our Billionaires Are Blasting Off. Good Riddance! - Institute for Policy Studies

So what is interesting about the token:

  • After you make your own crypto you will receive some METAALLBI tokens
  • Metaverse ALL BEST ICO price today is $0.015586 USD which is extremely cheap
  • $1,189,510 volume cap in 24 hours
  • A fully diluted market cap reaches $11,499,393
  • The token will facilitate all possible transactions within the Metaverse ALL Best ICO
  • The total supply is up to 777,000,000 units