Metahero Provides The Ability To Scan Not Only Objects But Also Yourself And Move To The Metaverse

HERO is a coin by which the user gets access to the Metahero ecosystem, as well as the ability to buy or sell on the platform’s trading floor or to finance scan. Metahero focuses on total adoption, so it needs an environment with fast and affordable transactions. Therefore, the token mentioned above was launched with global and inclusiveness in mind. The 24-hour chart shows the wave price movement and a 6% rise over this period. At 5 pm, the worth peaked at $ 0.156. At the moment, the crypto is trading at $ 0.146.

Next-Gen Deflationary Real Utility Token by Robert GrynMetahero is a project launched on Binance Smart Chain, the goal of which is to introduce cryptocurrency as quickly as possible using 3D technology, attracting 10 million users. The pandemic has changed our lives before and after. After this period, we became much closer to digital and virtual (remote work, online lessons, online concerts, etc.), we began to spend much more time on the Internet, which contributed to the rapid development of the metaverse. In addition to unusual assets, a new project, MetaHero, appears there, which allows you to transfer absolutely any objects and even people (yourself) to the digital sphere. It cooperates with the best studio, Wolf, to ensure high quality.