Metal Now Adds Telcoin After A Win On Super Bowl

Metal added Telcoin to the Metal Pay Marketplace after the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl. Telcoin is a cryptocurrency project that provides a variety of financial products and services. Its decentralized network enables anyone to easily perform transactions. The native token of Telcoin is TEL, which is a medium of exchange and a reserve asset. It is used to enable users to easily access parts of the ecosystem. The Metal token is the native currency of the Metal ecosystem. Its purpose is to be used as a payment method without intermediaries.

The response from the Telcoin community was very positive. They are eager to interact with the Metal community and grow their network. Not only are Metal Pay’s fees among the lowest in the industry, but they also offer 0% fees for all transactions. To unlock this feature, users need to hold more than 10,000 MTL in their accounts. Also, every Metal Pay Cash wallet comes with a built-in FDIC-insured guarantee. Its feature-rich design makes it one of the most prominent tools in the crypto space.