Metaverse Welcomes DatChat (DATS) In Serving NFTs

Venvuu is fully prepared now to employ all resources for NFT monetization inside metaverse. Its parent company, DatChat (Nasdaq: DATS) is soaring over 40% in the stock market. Behind the crypto world, there is metaverse these days although most coins are hit and striving to get back to their record highs that were obtained during the hard days of the pandemic.

It is so easy to create NFTs and offer them to the mass market via advertising on different platforms. However, very well-known artists and established brands are achieving high goals currently. New creators have difficulty getting fans and buyers because they are not popular. Therefore, Datchat has found a smart solution to making new artists get known simply through its Venvuu platform.

That’s why metaverse is very happy to welcome newcomer Venvuu to join a list of the most beneficial tools for NFT owners and artists. DATS shares will probably hike further when NFT holders are millions now.

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