METIS Token Jumps And Falls Abruptly: A Bearish Signal?

During the day, the crypto of Metis is highly volatile; at 02:00 p.m, the price was at $50.85 after it sharply jumped to $55.06, resulting in an 8% profit. Afterward, from its peak, it gradually slumped to $50.07; currently, it is open at $55.32. Despite that, Metis, the leading scaling solution for the Ethereum Layer-2 Rollup, recently launched its hackathon, which is already started on October 2, 2021, and runs until November 30, 2021.

Metis will provide rewards of up to $1 million to software architects who can develop decentralized applications (dApps) or other types of platforms to address some of the challenges mentioned in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They also include offering decent work opportunities, innovation, reducing inequalities, sustainable cities, responsible consumption, climate change action, global peace initiatives, onshore and underwater initiatives, and various partnerships centered around these goals.