Micro Focus Grows Thanks To CyberRes Galaxy Launch Aimed At Preventing Cyber Attacks

Micro Focus is engaged in the production of software for organizations located in Japan, several countries in Europe, and North America. It offers services such as application connectivity, security, and information management. MFGP had a fixed price at open trade of $ 6.17, which subsequently rose to $ 6.34. As a result, the growth amounted to 12.4%, and the trading volume increased to $ 1,921,922. In the previous 4 business days, the stock was bought and sold at approximately $ 5.65. Micro Focus, to which CyberRes belongs as one of its lines of business, has a market cap of $ 2.129 billion.

The aforementioned subsidiary announced the launch of the ‘Galaxy’ platform, which is designed for security services to instantly receive information about threats to the enterprise and focus on what is important to them, that is, protecting the organization and strengthening the security system. The information obtained, as a rule, contains a serious analysis, possible losses, and advice on reducing the risk. The news prompted the stock to rally to a six-month high.