Microsoft (MSFT) Stock Dips By Losing 35 Points on YTD: Should You Keep Buying Amid Market Pressure?

MSFT has been active for so many years and is the second-largest stock after APPL by market cap. However, since January it has been plunging by making four bumpy attempts to keep the price over the $300 mark. Will Microsoft not fail on its trusting investors this year? Will it jump cosmically so its financial executives may consider a stock split?

MSFT stock to jump higher but not this month

Ever-growing earnings aren’t pushing MSFT higher as big shareholders are enjoying high dividends. Microsoft still needs more positive updates from its subsidiaries so new buyers may jump onto its bandwagon. Potential investors are now chasing after metaverse elements like NFT, P2E, and Defi that are conquering the attention of younger generations. For example, Facebook has changed its name to Meta as it is witnessing the metaverse has gathered millions of fans via different blockchain ecosystems. If some kind of these changes occurs to Microsoft millions of small-cap having investors will start buying MSFT shares. Eventually, MSFT will rocket cosmically high.

On Tuesday MSFT closed at $299.50 per share after losing 3.66% when all big tech stocks continued retreating since the Monday session. Perhaps tomorrow they all will begin recovering by pushing MSFT to surge a bit but the stock may stay stagnant because of a shortage of positive corporate updates.

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