Microsoft Stock Trades At 300 Dollars Again Thanks To Current Quarter Earnings Forecasts

The stock of a technology company with three business segments: Productivity and Business Processes, Intelligent Cloud, More Personal Computing, was worth $288.41 on January 25, down 8% from a week ago. The price has been declining for the past two months after hitting an all-time high of $343.1. However, in today’s after-hours trading, it rose 4% to $300 as Microsoft released Q2 2022 results and raised its current-quarter revenue guidance. Its Intelligent Cloud subsidiary performed best in terms of sales, according to the statement; it raised $17 billion. Productivity and Business Processes and More Personal Computing also increased their sales to $15.6 billion and $17.5 billion respectively.


In the quarter ending December 2021, Microsoft earned $2.48 per share, up 0.45 cents from the same quarter last year. Although analysts assumed earnings of $2.32 per share. Revenue surged $8.7 billion from the year-ago quarter and beat Zacks expectations by 2.8% to 51.73 billion dollars. Thus, the company outperformed EPS and revenue guidance for four consecutive quarters. In total for the year, profit growth was 22%, and sales jumped 20%.