MicroVision (MVIS) Stock Breaking Out Again: Is $20 on the Way?

The lidar technology sector has got its fair degree of attention from investors in recent times and one of the stocks that could be worth looking into is that of MicroVision (NASDAQ:MVIS).

MicroVision (MVIS) Stock Breaking Out Again: Is $20 on the Way?

Some experts have suggested that news in relation to the electric vehicle giant Tesla might actually bring about a positive boost to the MicroVision in the short to medium term. Not too long ago, a photograph of the Tesla Model Y emerged online that showed that the car was using lidar technology.

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That led to considerable speculation about the fact that Tesla was now using lidar technology in its electric vehicles. As a matter of fact, a leading financial news outlet reported that Tesla was testing lidar technology from Luminar in its cars. However, the news was not confirmed by either Tesla or Luminar. That being said, if further news of that sort of emerges in case of Tesla it could have a positive effect on the MicroVision stock.

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