MICT Nears a Break Out Play On Robust Revenue Growth Boost

MICT (NASDAQ: MICT) stock has struggled for direction in 2021, with upside action limited significantly. While the stock has held firm against the broader sell-off, it was in dire need of catalysts to steer a bounce back from near one-year lows. A solid financial report affirming growth might also be the catalyst to strengthen investor confidence in the stock.

MICT Nears a Break Out Play On Robust Revenue Growth Boost

The company’s transition from telematics to fintech in China is going on well, all but affirming long-term prospects. Over the past year, the fintech company has established a significant cash balance highly needed to execute and support the growth strategy. Growth in the insurance business is going on well despite just starting in the fourth quarter.

MICT reporting a 146% increase in Q4 2020 revenue to $824,000, all but underscore growth in the core business after the recent transition. Robust revenue growth explains the narrowing of net loss to $7.6 million from $9.9 million in the same period last year. Robust growth in the core fintech business is a development that should trigger renewed investor interest in MICT which should see it breaking out to the upside after consolidating in the $1.65 to $3 a share trading range.

Richard McEntire

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