MineCrypto Is A First Ever P2E Game Project Within The Popular Minecraft

MineCrypto is a play to earn tokens while playing Minecraft. It has a rank system and allows users to purchase NFTs. In the near future, anyone can join the server without any type of investment.

During the initial release, only people with a battle pass will be able to join, while the team polishes and enhance the blockchain synchronization system. A scholarship system is being developed to attract large investors. It will allow users to easily reinvest their money in the server.

Most Minecraft servers charge players fiat currency for their ranks. With MineCrypto, they will be able to use blockchain technology. Although it is not mandatory to have a rank to play on the server, it will give users many perks, such as being able to withdraw $MCR.

Due to the fast emergence of Play To Earn games based on Blockchain technology, MineCrypto decided to bring this project to Minecraft, the world’s most popular game. With a team of developers that have a lot of experience in blockchain projects, they believe that the Minecraft ecosystem will make everything easier.