Moderna mRNA-1273 vs Gilead Veklury vs Vaxart Oral Vaccine vs Sorrento T-VIVA-19. Which is Effective and Available Now?

Operation Warp Speed has pushed Moderna, Vaxart, Gilead, Sanofi, GSK to develop vaccines against COVID-19 faster. There are developed from scratch and already existing vaccines that are under tests.

Moderna mRNA-1273

On July 27th mRNA-1273 has entered phase 3 clinical study. Despite that, the U.S government orders 100 million doses for $1.525 billion even before approving the drug. It means officials are sure about reliability of mRNA-1273 but the time will show.

Vaxart Oral Vaccine

Vaxart is yet to start the development of its oral vaccine for COVID-19 patients. By having this drug Vaxart could treat a massive population while injection method takes longer time for infected people.

Gilead Veklury (Remdesivir)

One of the well-established biotech companies Gilead already has an existing vaccine for COVID-19 patients, Remdesivir or commercially called Veklury has been under clinical trials for a long time. There are mixed results from the tests. Perhaps Gilead is upgrading it so the patients may get rid of the virus fast.

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Sorrento T-VIVA-19

In July Sorrento informed that tests on mice showed that T-VIVA-19 produced neutralizing antibodies. Safety trials of the drug are not finished yet. Perhaps in quarter four Sorrento may present the prepared version of the T-VIVA-19.

There is no COVID-19 vaccine that finished all safety trials on the human body. Therefore we can’t be sure that particular company already has a complete drug to end the pandemic. However, the biotech stocks keep rising due to a big hope of crowds in finishing the extended pandemic.

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