Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – How to Defeat Beotodus in ‘Baptism by Ice’ Assignment

Shark’s and Rhino’s body designs actually helped the developers create Beotodus which moves by digging the soil with any earthy element. He has huge fish alike body with heavy armor – skin. The first time you will get scared as he attacks you by implementing tactics of shark. Running away from huge fish attack is the wisest idea but using a sword can frighten him. Then he has no choice except embracing defensive way for getting away from you. Don’t lose the target as he is so fast in disappearing from the hunter’s eyes.

How to Beat Beotodus in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

You could lose your life if the beast attacks you more than 4 times by spinning and hitting your fragile body. Better watch out his movement – predicting him needs some time. You should be accurate in aiming his head as it is a vulnerable part of his huge body. Attacking other body parts is encouraged too because of his hiding head. As he runs away immediately follow him – losing him for a while may lead to opportunity loss. Therefore, enjoy a moment of attacking the disgusting beast.

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You may ride Beotodus! Thanks to Capcom for wonderful features included in the game. While you ride you should never stop attacking him. For the quick victory, you should always upgrade your weapons and sword for easy attacks. Moreover, attacking from behind the beast may deliver a few seconds for sword attack. The unpredictable creature gets slower since you always cut his shiny body. But don’t relax yet! The beast shall be luring you jumping on random places then hitting you with 50% damage. Stay away from that guy unless you have other tactics in encountering the beast. After you beat him you will get some significant resources as you are eager to continue the journey.

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