Monster of God Sells 5,000,000 Tokens In A Very Short Time

Monster Of God is a blockchain-based strategy game with some Idle RPG and Autobattler features. Thanks to blockchain technology, players can earn MSP by winning battles and MONX as tournament rewards. You can also get the latter one for voting and participating in events. MONX is an in-game governance token with a total supply of 2.4 billion tokens. Each is trading at $0.0061, which is 76.5% higher than yesterday’s price. In general, the worth is very volatile – at midnight the cost had plunged 97% then it rose to $ 0.029, Before the appearance of another zero in price, MONX was trading at $0.02.

Monster Of God

Monster Soul Potion shares its various achievements on Twitter every day, for example, on January 17, it announced that it had sold 5,000,000 tokens in a very short time, which amounted to $ 30,000, and on the same day it signed an agreement to list its token on PancakeSwap. And yesterday it said it worked with CertiK on the safety and security of #MonsterOfGod. Today, according to its tweet, the number of $MONX holders has reached 3,000.