Monterey Minerals (MREY.CN) Announces About Corporate Upgrade And To Complete Cease Work At The Alicia Project In The Philippines

Monterey Minerals (MREY.CN) stock shows interesting charts. The price was C$0.0150 on June 21 and the number did not change to July 2. There was a fall in price to C$0.0100 on July 5 and leveled off to July 9. Finally, after climbing the stock to C$0.0150 from July 12 to July 14, the price declined to C$0.0100 on July 15 and did not change to July 19. Charts show that stock just fluctuated between C$0.0100 and C$0.0150.Смотреть исходное изображениеMonterey Minerals reported about corporate renewal relating to the released and in circulation stock of the Company. The Board of Directors of Monterey Minerals decided to complete work on the draft Alicia in the Philippines and sold the estate back to the original real estate vendor. Since then, the Company has been evaluating its capabilities.

Monterey Minerals will consolidate its ordinary stock, on the basis of a single common stock after consolidation for every eighty common stock prior to consolidation, from July 23, 2021. Under the securities act British Columbia The Monterey Board of Directors approved the reverse fragmentation resulting in approximately 1,914,994 after consolidation will remain released and are in circulation.

Jack Dawkins

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