Moonbeam Will Now Attend The Biggest Event In Denver

Moonbeam is in Denver to attend the Ethereum Denver event. During this event, the Moonbeam team will be meeting up with its community and sharing what’s happening in the community. The ETHDenver event is the biggest and most popular being held each year.

With a variety of events and workshops, the ETHDenver event is sure to appeal to everyone. It features an immersive art gallery, interactive games, and talks by blockchain experts.

Moonbeam is a proud sponsor of Ethereum Denver. As a company, they are excited to support the event’s community by delivering talks about multi-chain strategies and their smart contract platform on Ethereum.

Moonbeam is a smart contract platform that’s built on top of Polkadot. It allows developers to create and deploy existing Solidity contracts without having to modify their existing codebase. Moonbeam is not only an EVM implementation, but It’s a parachain that mirrors Ethereum’s Web3 RPC. It also comes with a variety of features that extend the base Ethereum features.