Mooney Team Will Make Only Limited Supply For The TokenHolders

The Mooney token has a limited supply. When its initial supply runs out, the MoonDAO claims to never increase it. Its sole purpose is to serve as a governance decision-maker. The limit is needed to prevent one person from controlling the decisions of the MoonDAO. To start, the token will be operating with only 4% of the supply. The money raised will go towards the salaries of the developers who will complete the rest of the roadmap. The token lifting will take place on, and every contribution will create a governance token at a fixed rate. Those tokens will then be part of the shared treasury.


The token is not expected to generate any gains, and it is not receiving fractional ownership of the assets of the DAO. The 50% reserve that will be held by $MOONEY holders will be used to pay contributors of MoonDAO, or it could be burned if the community wants. The team believes that the holders of $MOONEY will only do things that they believe will benefit them, and not the whole system. This is why the MoonDAO team decided to set a supply limit instead of letting the DAO inflate it with no supply cap.