Most Active Premarket Stocks: DPRO, SMFL, MULN, SPCB, DIDI, ALZN, IMPP, VEON, CEI, NRSN, WNW

Today only the two most active losers are seen in the premarket although yesterday there were three declining stocks. Right now in the top ten list, we see some new stocks like ALZN, SMFL, SPCB. These stocks popped out suddenly on their recent news. So new premarket gainers may come later on. We just stay alert.

The most interesting stock is SMFL which trades on 12 million volume by soaring 39%. The next comes good but not old MULN growing 2% when 6 million shares are bought and sold instantly. DPRO gets so hot now after soaring 78%. Out of nowhere SPCB pops 19% with demanded shares of 4 million units. Under $5 DiDi gets popular today as well on increasing 2.5%. For sure ALZN shares are gaining 20% because of its recent news. Poor IMPP is attempting to recover by 5.34%. Growing but lacking good morale stock, CEI is also surging now by 0.30%. KXIN was hidden yesterday in premarket but today it is jumping 30%.

From the most active list, we see losers too: VEON retreats 3,46% on 1,5 million volume while NRSN seems to make a correction by 6% after it was rocketing at least 300%.

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