Most Powerful Tech Stock To Double Your Investment: Inpixon (INPX)

Increasing your returns could only come from investing in stocks and derivatives, trading penny stocks deliver quick profits or loss as they are always volatile on daily basis. Right now Inpixon (NASDAQ: INPX), California’s software developer which is still cash-burning through decades therefore its stock is very cheap and ready to soar upon receiving news updates on quarterly financial results.

Very interesting week 0f trading over one billion INPX shares happened between 23 and 30 December. From $3.51 to $20.48 the stock rocketed within a short time letting gamblers take quick profits. Since that week INPX had a maximum of $2.00 three months ago. Today’s 10% surge is leading the stock to $1.50.

The stock seems to grow further perhaps till $20 again by surging at 10% daily. INPX will likely gain significantly this October before growing next year due to the boom in tech stocks for the upcoming winter.