Mullen May Expand EV Production Scale Capacity Through Solid State Polymer Battery Testing Breakthrough

As gas prices are hitting through the roof, Mullen Automotive engineers are trying to solve the main headache flooded in EV industry which is Solid State Battery production scale issue.

Alas, latest Solid State Polymer battery testing from Mullen’s lab results upticks every investor’s eyebrows after the reports claimed that admirable results continue to surprise lab testers with performance and power density.

Mullen breakthrough research in battery

As we know so far Solid State battery pack reduces overall weight by eliminating between anode and cathode separator with casing because it provides own electrolytes within own body therefore it may be thin and flexible thus temperature sensitivity is more stable compared to conventional lithium ion batteries. It’s safe for environment and cheaper to produce.

Specifically, India’s Battery Innovation Center lab report indicates that newest cell testing result exceeds the older values of 300 Amp hours at 3.7 Volts where Mullen’s battery cell scores above 343 Amp hours at 4.2 Volts produced from pure Solid State Polymer type.

Mullen keeps testing with continuous enthusiasm to reach more than 600 miles per charge together with safety assurances. The more Mullen test the more positive outcome follows. Solid State batteries are most reliable and realistic approach for EVs as lithium price gets higher after largest lithium producer mainland China’s tensions with chip maker Taiwan.

Furthermore, if Mullen gets Solid State battery packs out to massive scale production then Tesla might be heading in the same route. Stock price prediction for Mullen Automotive is mainly bullish from retail investor’s perspective as EV race got heated up ought to green standards and carbon emission’s reduction initiatives from US and EU.