MultiCell (MCET) Making a Lot of Buzz On Solid Volume

There were many stocks that recorded gains on Wednesday but the gains made by MultiCell Technologies, Inc. (OTC: MCET) were particularly impressive.

MultiCell (MCET) Making a Lot of Buzz On Solid Volume

The MultiCell stock soared by as much as 400% yesterday as investors piled onto the stock in a big way despite there being no news about the company. Hence, in light of no news regarding the biopharmaceutical company, it is important for investors to get a better idea about MultiCell and its business.

It is interesting to note that the company has not actually posted any new information in many years and even its website is dormant. The company was established back in 1970 and as per latest reports, it only has two employees working for it. It is clear to see that MultiCell is a company that may not be active as a business. However, trading volumes soared to 1.6 billion shares on Wednesday, and hence, it might be worthwhile for investors to keep an eye on the stock in the coming days.

Richard McEntire

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