Multithreaded Configuration And Cache Size Of Intel Comet Lake Desktop CPUs Lineup Reportedly Leaked

Much anticipated Intel’s only answer to AMD’s Ryzen 3000 series lineup are upcoming Comet Lake Desktop CPUs. More than a week ago, jaw dropping double thread count i3-10100 processor leaked with 4 Core and 8 Thread numbers which was spotted by Tum_Apisak twitter user via SiSoftware database. Later few days ago, same website posted another benchmarks of mysterios chip powered by 6 Core 12 Thread configuration and 12 MB Level 3 cache.

As a consequence, several hours ago, legendary industry insider and hardware enthusiast by name momomo_us has revealed full Core and Thread count numbers plus Cache sizes of upcoming Intel Comet Lake CPUs based on 14nm++ technology. All these processors will bare the similar naming scheme to 9th Gen Core i9, i7, i5, i3, Pentium and Celeron branding.

Most accurate way to put things nicely is that 10 Core 20 Thread and 20 MB L3 Cache specs belong to Core i9 Comet Lake chip. Obviously, 8 Core 16 Thread and 16 MB Cache wonder processor would be Core i7. Next is much awaited 6 Core 12 Thread and 12 MB Cache that are tied to Core i5 CPUs since Intel is planning for great comeback in mainstream market dominated by AMD Ryzen 5 products. For Core i3 specs, the Quad Core with 8 Threads and 6/8 MB L3 cache would be great to defeat the Ryzen 3 3200G with monstrous Vega 8 graphics next year. Surprisingly, Pentium Gold series might be coming with Dual Core and 4 MB L3 cache that will take on Athlon 200GE. Lastly, Celeron CPUs are likely to include Non-Hyperthread Dual Core and 2 MB L3 cache. Seemingly, Intel is getting up to the AMD’s competition by releasing another 14nm++ refreshed technology CPUs but with more Cores and Threads to tackle the 7nm Zen 2 and upcoming 7nm+ Zen 3 processors.