MVIS Stock: MicroVision May Continue To Show Volatile move Next Week

Although the phenomenon has cooled considerably, there are still certain stocks that are experiencing considerable gains on the back of actions of retail investors on Reddit community WallStreetBets.

One such stock is that of the technology company MicroVision Inc. (NASDAQ:MVIS). Over the course of the past three trading sessions, MVIS Stock has rallied by as much as 70% and caught the attention of many investors.

That being said, there has been no news about the company and the rally has largely been fuelled by WallStreetBets. The company is a tech company based out of Washington and is primarily involved in Laser Bean Scanning.

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The technology helps in making miniature displays highly detailed. It is highly advanced technology and has been regarded as a vital part of tools related to augmented reality. The company is also involved in LIDAR technology, which is meant for self-driving cars. There may not be any new development about the company but MicroVision does have an interesting business that could be tracked.

Keep an eye on MVIS Stock next week.


Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor