My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) Jumps 49% In a Week: Will Correction Lead To Dumping?

One of the successful gaming cryptos, Alice started rallying from $1.87 to the current $2.79 price after BTC and ETH found their bottoms near $1900 and $800 last Saturday.

When many crypto traders claim it is a dead cat bounce or bullish trap, naive altcoin lovers have massively started buying up even meme coins.

It won’t be surprising if Alice makes corrections based on BTC or ETH moves this weekend. The game is amazingly built with a unique design with a vision to let many gamers earn pretty good cash but the token will decline further in the bear market.

Big cryptos like Terra were hit so badly but game-fi tokens are surely here to stay since evil whales are not targeting them. Maybe their first targets are stable coins now. In this case, Alice is the last victim to be dumped to zero.