My Shiba Academia Token Soars: How To Get Unique Accessories Before Launching The Game?

The MSA token was launched today at noon Asian time and in the first 5 minutes, the price skyrocketed 110% from $ 0.000365 to $ 0.000766. Over the next 11 hours, it dropped slightly and is now trading at $0.00066. My Shiba Academy is the social MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game on the blockchain, where all characters and possible cosmetic things in the game are NFTs.

My Shiba Academy is not yet available, but MSA owners can get access before launch and gain unique accessories in the game that no one else will have since they will not appear. A partnership with a large game studio will soon be announced to bring the visual presentation to life. In the game, players will need to complete various tasks for the development of characters, as well as defend their city from enemies. The game will be entertaining, but at the same time very difficult even for the most professional gamers.