Nakamoto Games (NAKA) Collapses 64% Today: Bearish Move?

Nakamoto games provide gamers worldwide with the opportunity to participate in countless blockchain-based games and earn a steady and significant income. Besides, the Nakamoto Games tokens show negative dynamics over the last 24 hours, losing 64%. To be more precise, the price dropped from $3.92 to $1.38. Currently, it is open at $1.69, while the trading volume is $13,894,199.
The NAKA Token is an important part of the Nakamoto Games play-to-earn ecosystem, where the players can earn in a limitless number of blockchain-based games, and producers can distribute games to a large audience. Also, it provides users with access to all of the games in the ecosystem and a mechanism for rewarding the most skilled players. The players who took the highest places on the leaderboard for individual games receive a prize pool.

April Sanchez

Business and Tech Reporter