Naked Brand Sets Up A Meeting To Obtain All Shareholder Approvals

Naked Brand was expected to complete its integration with the tech company by the end of this year and has announced an upcoming general meeting of shareholders on December 21 to obtain their approval and finalize the planned business. On the day this news was published, the NAKD price had fallen sharply by 9% to a low of $ 0.59, although an hour later it recovered and the trading session was closed at $ 0.63 with a trading volume of $ 72,017,138. During the last working days, the high price was $ 0.71, the growth was triggered by the news that Cenntro’s Metro received Kei Car approval.
i?id=4832abfc3c5aa8dcafef666436ae2c83 l&n=13The above meeting is scheduled for 10 am AEDT on December 21 this year at BDO Sydney. Since the vote of each holder plays a huge role, the company asks everyone, regardless of the number of shares in their hands, to send their powers of attorney (votes) before 10 am on December 19, in order to present at the meeting, and recommends voting “yes”. If you are one of those whose NAKD shares are registered with a broker/bank, then you should ensure that your shares are voted on. We remind you that if approved by all holders, they will have $ 282 million. Thus, Naked investors will automatically have 30% of Cenntro.