Naked Brand (NAKD) Slumps 55% From The Peak: Should You Buy For Rebound?

Not too long ago the Naked Brand Group (NASDAQ: NAKD) stock had been in the middle of a strong rally but since then the situation has changed quite dramatically.


Since hitting its recent peak, the stock has tanked quite considerably and gone down by as low as 55%. The company, which owns a wide range of apparel and swimwear brands, has had its fair share of chaos and confusion over the past few years. However, it seemed that the stock was on its way to making a prolonged recovery in recent times.

One of the reasons behind the continued skepticism about Naked Brands among investors is the fact that they may not be entirely sure about the company’s fundamentals. The losses have gone up progressively and in 2020, it ballooned to as huge as $35.17 million. Back in 2016, the losses stood at $19.16 million. In addition to that, Naked Brands had a negative cash flow in each of the past five years. Investors could consider treading a bit lightly with regards to this stock.

Uson Abdilazhanov

Editor and Computer ExpertA hardcore tech enthusiast and computer expert Uson Abdilazhanov who holds a degree in communications started writing in his personal blogs since 2012. That time he was interested in the technical part of the computer. But now the software aspect plays an important role in his career. Currently, he runs a PC building and repairing shop which helps a lot of designers and gamers who always like to try new things.

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