Naked Brand (NAKD) Stock Sees Dead Cat Bounce: Is It Sustainable?

Naked Brand Group Ltd (NASDAQ: NAKD) stock surged 16%, which is good news for investors considering the retail stock has lost momentum in recent times.

Naked Brand (NAKD) Stock Sees Dead Cat Bounce: Is It Sustainable?

Since it hit highs of $3.4 at the end of January after the meme stocks surge, Naked Brand stock has settled around the 50-cent level. The latest surge is massive, but the stock is still 85% below the January highs. The company has faced declining sales and a challenging restructuring to e-commerce from its retail base. Interestingly, e-commerce sales for the company’s intimates and swimwear have risen, but the increases have not been substantial to offset losses from the core business.

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The stock surged in the announcement of a new CFO, Mark Ziirsen, who will replace Cheryl Durose. From Naked Brands’ release, Mark has been involved in transforming high-growth companies and this experience will be vital in accelerating digital transformation and e-co0merce growth. it seems the move assuaged investors banking on Naked Brands’ turnaround; thus, the stock surge, Naked Brands stock is worth watching in the coming weeks.

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