Naked Brands (NAKD) Momentum Is Back In Action: A Good Buy Now?

Naked Brands (NASDAQ:NAKD) stock is up almost 160% this year, but investors enjoyed gains of around 650% at one point. Interestingly, some of these gains were a result of the low-priced stocks craze. Traders capitalized on the opportunity when they heard that Naked Brands was pivoting into an e-commerce brand.

Naked Brands (NAKD) Momentum Is Back In Action: A Good Buy Now?

However, from late January to early March, the stock shed 46%, and in the past two months, it has dropped another 31%. Despite the ups and downs, traders who bought the stock at the beginning of the year could be sitting on considerable gains.

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The company has been struggling to add revenue to a competitive and growing sector. The company’s trailing 12-month revenue was $82.54 million from its recent financial results, with a trailing 12-month profit of $33.99 million. Naked Brands has an EBITDA of $25.61 million. The numbers don’t look impressive for a company that has been around for long, but it is taking the right steps for a comeback. The results don’t reflect in the stock, and it is worth keeping an eye on it.

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