Naked Brands (NAKD) Stock Attempts To rebound: Will It Continue?

Naked Brands (NASDAQ: NAKD) has been lucky following the launch of a short squeeze by r/WallStreetBets. The lingerie and swimsuit seller was established in 2018 after its merger with a New Zealand company. In 2019 the company seemed to have a good year, but it has never been cash-flow positive.

Naked Brands (NAKD) Stock Attempts To rebound: Will It Continue?

It seems Reddit r/WallStreetBets fell in love with the stock after short squeezing it to take it from $0.22 to $3.4 before walking away. Currently, Naked Brands trades at $0.57 with a market cap of $370 million. It is vital to note that stocks with small market caps are easily manipulated. Naked Brands seized its opportunity just like AMC Entertainment which used a short squeeze to recapitalize the stock. The company sold stock to add $200 million to its balance sheet, and now they are dropping Bendon, which is the chain store being it in the first place.

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Naked Brands claims to be an e-commerce player with adequate cash ready for acquisitions. In the coming months, this is a stock to watch.

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