Navi 14 GPU Could Have Workstation Version As Driver Related Leak Shows Radeon Pro Likely To Have New Architecture

Upcoming Navi 14 cards have already been informing their specs and features through benchmark leaks which state they will be mainstream graphics cards but professional versions’ future were kept unknown till Komachi – infamous Twitter user uploaded a picture with driver updates for Navi 14 GPUs. As we know so far from the previous leaks VRAM will be 3GB, 6GB, and 8GB. Prices might start from $100 and end at $250. The very interesting question ‘How many GB will be in VRAM for Pro cards?’ comes here. There was no leak about 16GB VRAM based Navi 14 but the current leak from Komachi hints that higher than 8GB VRAM will arrive.

Radeon Pro Would Welcome Navi 14

For almost a decade AMD has been offering Radeon Pro for designers and big studios. Upgrading their architecture should deliver quite satisfying results in benchmark testing which will be posted on Geekbench or Compubench without a doubt. Adding more GB in VRAM to workstation Navi 14 cards would bring outstanding performance. For now, we are not so sure about VRAM upgrades since other factors shall be taken to account for AMD till official Navi 14 unveiling.

According to Techquila, Navi 12 and Navi 14 will be RX 5000 graphics cards that may challenge NVIDIA’s GTX 1660/1660Ti and RTX 2080 Ti – the current flagship. Let’s assume their prices will be quite lower since AMD loves taking advantage in pricing as Intel recently lost market share even by decreasing its CPU prices.

Source: Komachi via Twitter