Netvrk Jumps Today: Is It Worth Buying Now?

Today, NTWRK’s price was $3.18. In 24 hours – increased in value by 50.94% and in a week – increased in value by 37.65%. NTVRK is a blockchain-based social virtual environment that allows users to create and monetize their works.

To become the future internet by providing a platform for people all over the world to consume and create immersive experiences while also monetizing and sharing content, resulting in an ever-expanding virtual metaverse.

Their goal is to create a one-of-a-kind, visually appealing world that can be explored, filled, and even changed to meet the demands of all users.

Users of NTVRK will be able to use their virtual worlds for both personal and business purposes while benefiting from a blockchain-based ecosystem that gives them the means to monetize their virtual worlds in a safe setting.