New AMD APU Codename “Cézanne” Is Detected

Today’s shocking news erupted the internet to go crazy about upcoming AMD APU named Cézanne. This chip follows the sequence of French artist names like previously “Renoir” APU codename revealed few months ago. As everybody informed about Renoir APU’s graphics will be the RX Vega iGPU with up to 15 CUs (Compute Units). Speculations will start about Cézanne APUs integrated graphics whether it will be based on new RDNA Navi architecture or existing Vega ones. In any way you put, AMD always ahead of Intel in terms of graphics performance for a long period of time since Lano APU launched back in 2011.

Big credit goes to Komachi_Ensaka for finding the AMD “K19.5” CZN code which later guessed by Planet 3DNow as Cézanne APU in honor of famous Paul Cézanne. Before that Komachi_Ensaka was able to know first about Dali and Renoir APUs quicker than others because some AMD Linux and Windows driver update release notes contain preliminary information before the official launch for the purpose of driver preparation. Let’s see how Nvidia and Intel will respond to this bombshell news from AMD APU chip leaks.