New HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Dell and MSI Laptop Models Featuring AMD Ryzen 4000 Series Mobile APUs Are Accidentally Revealed

Upcoming high performance business and gaming laptops featuring AMD Ryzen 7 4700U, Ryzen 9 4900H and Ryzen 7 4800H are no joke for everyone. They are definitely real. Initially, Ryzen 4000 series APUs have specific codename “Renoir”, in honor of french painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Specific latest Ryzen laptop model names are accidentally revealed before official release by Energy Star official web database. Luckily, first one who noticed those fresh entries was _rogame twitter user. Mainly, these upcoming laptops support Ryzen 7 4700U 8 Core 16 Thread APU with Vega 7 and similar but powerful multicore Ryzen 9 4900H with Vega 8 graphics APUs according to _rogame expertise. Next ultrabook of HP will be HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15z-ee model powered by Ryzen 7 4700U chip. Interesting new ASUS M433l Series D413l laptop also will be enhanced by Ryzen 7 4700U. Again, Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 14ARE05 (81X2) and (81YM) will get similar octa core APU.

Amazing Gaming laptop machine from Dell is detected in Energy Star website. Hooray, finally, budget gamers will taste new Dell G5 5505 (DELL-P89F) portable gaming rig featuring ultimate top of the line AMD Ryzen 9 4900H APU with Vega 8 integrated GPU. This laptop will give bigger punch to Intel powered Dell Alienware Gaming laptop series due to price to performance ratio. Another HP ENVY x360 Convertible 13z-ay model popped up with Ryzen 7 4700U monster.

Most iconic Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 14ARE05 (82A2) together with elder sibling Yoga 14sARE are also caught up to “Renoir” trend powered by Ryzen 7 4700U wonder silicon chip. Obviously, MSI is seemingly fallen in love with AMD and embraced it’s ecosystem by releasing MSI Bravo 17 A4DDK (MS-17FK) with loaded fireball punch given by Ryzen 7 4800H and Radeon RX 5500M 4GB RDNA discrete GPU. That’s it for now folks. Wait for more pouring news coming from Ryzen 4000 mobility APUs next week.