Newegg Lists Intel Core i9-9900KS The World’s Fastest Single Core Oriented Processor

Soon Intel launches it’s only 14nm Coffee Lake top gun in the arsenal since 10nm technology is not ready yet till next year. Interestingly, just freshly listed Octa Core Intel Core i9-9900KS a.k.a the fastest single core oriented processor for gamers who love to see extra 5-10 fps performance compared to AMD’s 12 Core monster flagship Ryzen 9 3900X a.k.a the fastest multicore processor in the world.

First individual who noticed this gem is momomo_us from twitter. Good news doesn’t even stop there. Most important factor here is the pricing issue. Whopping $855 Canadian dollars which is $650 in USD is charged by Intel to it’s loyal fans. Earlier before in June, Intel claimed that i9-9900KS is the most juicy refined 14nm++ processor. The specs wise, you may notice that only difference between vanilla i9-9900K and KS version is just the 4.0 GHz base clock belongs to KS model and 3.6 GHz attached to older one. Similar Integrated UHD 630 graphics and 16 MB Level 3 Cache are found on both models. Amazingly, i9-9900KS might be the overclocking monster by hitting constant 5.0 GHz across all cores according to Intel.

Another combo good news is that ASRock adding full BIOS support for upcoming i9-9900KS with R0 stepping. This BIOS ROM is available now for most Intel 1151 V2 socket motherboards including H310, B360, Z370 and Z390 chipsets. All industry and consumers together are getting into a big long-expected holiday season that’s where major historic competition between Intel and AMD takes place. Let’s witness which one will win the biggest chunk of the CPU market share.