NEXGEL Adds A New Product To Its Assortment

NEXGEL, formerly AquaMed Technologies, is a hydrogel and gel company for injury care, drug delivery, and cosmetics, and is valued at $ 17.363 million. It also sells skincare products and various patches for cracked heels. Together with partners, it has developed many products from natural ingredients to combat irritable skin. Today, the stock of the medical company is up 13.6% to $ 3.33. The monthly chart shows that after the price fell by 48% at the end of December, there were no significant changes. The current worth is $ 3.13 with a trading volume of $ 12,296,719.


Today, NEXGEL has added another useful product, MEDAGEL ClearComfort, to its range. This patch, created with the use of advanced technology, heals calluses on the feet, as well as protects the skin from chafing of shoes. Now, consumers will not suffer from blisters and wearing new shoes. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the plaster can have different shapes, doesn’t leave marks either on shoes or on the skin, and is invisible when used.