Nikola and Nio Could Receive Purchase Orders from SENMIAO For Sichuan province of China. Here is Why

China needs quality zero-emission vehicles due to heavy pollution in megacities. There are many Chinese manufacturers who offer EVs for personal use but professionals require high-quality ones. Therefore Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX) and Senmiao (NASDAQ: AIHS) contribute their funds to developing green tech cities in Asia.

Nio and Nikola have specialized vehicles for professional use like a heavy truck, SUV, pickup truck and sedan (upcoming from NIO). They can serve densely populated areas of any continent with harsh environments as well.

Sichuan’s fintech corporation Senmiao has the full potential to make Chinese cities be crowded by only zero-emission vehicles. Ideanomics has already expanded its business in South East Asia too. Nissan and Toyota electric vehicles are already conquering roads in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Nikola heavy trucks will surely spread in Asia where Nio offers SUVs only. Senmiao needs only efficient funds to order enough zero-emission vehicles to initiate the possible project.