Nikola (NKLA) Stock Moves Volatile After Small Jump

Chart for the last month shows Nikola’s stock unstable movement. It is hard to predict the next step. It sometimes goes up, sometimes goes down. However, before that, the corporation soared by 25%. Today, it stands at $17.49.
Nikola (NKLA) Stock Moves Volatile After Small Jump
With the launch of a new electric truck with fuel cells and batteries, Nikola (NKLA) is clearly trying to provoke a new price jump. And on a few occasions in recent weeks, the stock has made a strong comeback. Nikola’s market capitalization of $6.9 billion, after recent advances, puts it firmly back in the midcap stock category.

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Those looking for the best growth stocks analyze whether to buy NKLA stock now. Following the fourth-quarter reports, Nikola lost support on the key 10-week moving average. Over 80% of its all-time high of 93.99 NKLA stock is lower. Even with recent growth, NKLA will need to increase more than 430% to return to the record high.

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